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Snoring / Sleep Apnoea

Ear, nose and throat specialists aren’t the only professionals who can diagnose and treat snoring and sleep apnoea conditions. Dentists, like our team at Claremont Family Dental Centre, can provide assistance to patients too.

Snoring occurs when airway muscles fail to function in a normal fashion. As a result, very loud vibrations resonate at the sides of the throat whenever air passes through the soft tissue. Sleep apnoea occurs if the tongue collapses over the airway, disrupts airflow and breathing stops intermittently.

We can help you treat either condition using oral appliances. Mandibular advancement splints are a popular solution. They work by pulling a patient’s jaw forward so that airways stay open during sleep. This minimises the chances of the tongue falling back and blocking the airway.

Contact our dental centre and schedule a consultation immediately if you are experiencing any snoring conditions.