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Teeth Whitening (In Chair & Take Home)

At Claremont Family Dental, we pride ourselves on the results we have obtained using the scientifically-supported Kor system, which has proven to be easy to use, comfortable, and safe.

We offer 3 bleaching treatment options:

1. Take Home Only:

Once you've attended for a brief appointment at our clinic to have impressions taken of your teeth, accurately-fitting, tailor-made whitening trays will be provided for you to conduct your bleaching from the comfort of your own home. To achieve optimum results we encourage our patients to wear their trays to bed for 2 weeks while they sleep.

2. In Chair Only:

For those rare few who find it difficult to wear trays we are perfectly happy to do an appointment in chair only. This appointment typically lasts for around 2 hours, where we apply a higher concentration of bleach in a safe and comfortable environment under the supervision of a trained professional.

3. Take Home and In Chair:

In an age of coffee, red win and tea, this option produces superior, you can achieve long-lasting results by combining the both treatments above. Patients begin by wearing their custom-fitting trays at home for 2 weeks to initiate the breakdown of stains that have built up in the teeth over the years, before attending for a 2 hour appointment in chair.

For both take home and take home and in chair options, maintenance is simple and achieved by wearing your trays to bed once a night every month or every other month.

If you're interested in brightening your smile, give us a call to book a consult today and discuss your options.